Sunday, March 9, 2014

Name that class...

It's inevitable. Leave something in thd drink long enough and things will begin to grow on it. A little longer and LOTS of things will grow on it. How long this time... Er, hmm, how about 6 months??

So we were tired from school and the weather was beautiful. "How about we take a break from math and head to the beach?  A little PE?"  They were all for that until they saw what I hooked up to the tender:  their kayaks. 

So we took off for Sombrero and a side where you can beach small boats. We carried with us several putty knives, a 5g bucket filled with fresh water, a brush and muriatic acid. We knew it would be bad.... Has no clue it would be that bad!!!

So what initially was going to be a PE class suddenly turned into a full-fledged marina biology class. The growth was at least two inches thick and larger in some places. We found lots of sea pork, snall shrimp, and even lobster!  Yes, lobster!!  Look closely and you will see one in the pic below...

Just so you know, he was not quite big enough for the grill, so we begrudgingly let him go with a daring remnider that we would, "catch ya later!!"

Then the fun began. Poor Glen had his mouth open when he hit one of the porks and it splattered in.  He threw his putty knife down and began a convulsion of spitting. I did not laugh (out loud) but did get quite a snicker. 

So in the end we got them cleaned up and made our way back to the boat. We asked ourselves whether we should count it as PE or Biology class. What do you think???

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  1. Enjoyed the blog and photos.
    Good Sailing
    The crew of Cygnus III